Smooth Top Nail Drill, Large Barrel

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  • Smooth Top Nail Drill: The barrel’s top is ball surface. Don’t like rounded top nail drill, this top is smooth without cut teeth. So, it is a safer drill than the other drills. The smooth round top could keep out of injured.
  • The diameter of file head is 0.26 inch / 6.6 mm. To say this item is a large edition, because we have a small edition which diameter is 0.21 inch / 5.35 mm. You could choose large or small barrel edition, depend on your like.
  • Cross Cut Teeth: Give the drill 2 way rotations function. So it could be used for left or right hand use. The teeth sizes: From 4XC to 2XF for choose. 4XC, 3XC, 2XC, XC, and C, are good for hard gels and acrylic gels; M and F, could be file soft gels; XF, and 2XF, suitable for base gels.
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide. It let the nail drill to be high hardness, long cutting life, and smooth rotate. Silver color coated.
  • Drill head: Diameter, 0.26 inch / 6.6mm. Length, 0.5 inch / 12.7 mm. Shank: 3/32 inch ( 2.35 mm)