Volcano 2 Way Nail Drill, Double Hand Use E-File, 3/32"

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♥ Carbide nail bit - Volcano 2 Way - 2 Rotate Directions Design: 2 directions of rotation available, turning rotate direction as you want; Also suitable for left handed nail artists to handle.
♥ Made of high quality tungsten carbide: fast to remove acrylics gels, nail gel, dip powder, and other hard nail layers.
♥ Professional Nail Drill Bits for Nail Drill Machines, 7 sizes teeth for choose: 3XC, XXC, XC, C-Coarse, M-Middle, F-Fine, XF. From 3XC to XF, the teeth is to be smaller and more fine.
♥ Overall Length: 1.57" ( 40 mm); Flute: Dia. 0.275" ( 7mm)
♥ Shank: 3/32" (2.35 mm)