5 in 1 Nail Drill Bit, Mixed Sizes Edition, Cross Teeth

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C & I 5 in 1 Nail Drill, Mix Edition: 5 in 1 multi-function. Cross teeth which special is the teeth are designed to be 2 different layers. And different layers could help you to do different works.

2 Different teeth layers: The upper layer, length 5 mm / 0.197 inch, XXF – Double Fine size teeth, is good remove base gels. Another layers, length 9.5 mm / 0.374 inch, M -Middle or XC -Extra Coarse size teeth, could help you to remove acrylic nails or colored gels.

Multi-function, 5 in 1: R cut teeth at the top of drill; 2 function divisions; 2 rotate directions.

Material: Tungsten Carbide. High hardness, could give the nail drill a good life. And, precise cutting, could reduce the vibration, give you a very smooth nail cleaning. The drill’s coating is Titanium which could extend drill’s life 2 – 3 times.

Drill head diameter: 6.0 mm / 0.236 inch. Length: 14.5 mm / 0.57 inch. Shank: 3/32”