Rounded Top Nail Drill, Large Barrel Edition

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  • Rounded Top Nail Drill: A barrel file with a rounded top. The barrel is large edition. And the rounded top is covered with teeth. This could let you have more operation room to use this nail drill to move the nail colors. You could use the rounded top teeth to remove small place.
  •  Large Barrel Edition: The diameter of file head is 0.26 inch / 6.6 mm. To say this item is a large edition, because we have a small edition which diameter is 0.21 inch / 5.35 mm. You could choose large or small barrel edition, depend on your like. 
  • Cross Cut Teeth: Give the drill 2 way rotations function. So it could used for left or right hand use. The teeth sizes: From 4XC to 2XF for choose. 4XC, 3XC, 2XC, XC, and C, are good for hard gels and acrylic gels; M and F, could be file soft gels; XF, and 2XF, suitable for base gels.
  • Material: Tungsten Carbide. It let the nail drill to be high hardness, long cutting life, and smooth rotate. Silver color coated.
  •  Drill head: Diameter, 0.26 inch / 6.6mm. Length, 0.5 inch / 12.7 mm. Shank: 3/32 inch ( 2.35 mm)