5 in 1 Multi-function Nail Drill Bit, Slim Edition E-File, 3/32"

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♥ Multi-function Nail Drill: 5 in 1, Slim edition.
♥ Professional Drill to remove Nail Gels, Acrylic Gels, and Dip Powder. The drill could be used in high rotate speed.
♥ 3 sizes of teeth in 1 drill. The size from top to bottom of drill is changing from fine to coarse.
 Teeth on the top of drill, could be used to clean the cuticle. 
♥ 2 Rotate Directions, left hander is also available
♥ Made of Tungsten Steel, 100% New
♥ Shank: 3/32" (2.35 mm).
♥ Coarse Size for choose: 
   Triple Coarse -3XC
   Double Coarse -XXC
   Extra Coarse -XC
   Coarse -C
   Middle -M
   Fine -F
   Extra Fine -XF
   Double Fine -XXF